General dental and minor dental surgeries are performed in the clinic including the following:

  • preservative dental treatments: dental fillings and dental inlays/onlays, root canal treatments, posts
  • prostheses: veneers, non-metallic or precious metal ceramic crowns, bridges, posts, precision attachment and fully removable prostheses
  • paradontological treatments: supragingvial and subgingvial plaque removal; curettage; fastening of loose teeth; electrosurgical gum corrections
  • cosmetic treatments: tooth whitening at home and in the clinic, external and internal bleaching
  • dental surgery treatments: tooth extraction, removal of roots or problematic wisdom teeth, implantation
  • consultation: general and personal dental hygiene advice and instructions, distribution of oral hygiene aids.
  • X-ray: digital panoramic and intraoral X-ray


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